Tomoko`s Profile2019.08.09


宮﨑 智子   /  Tomoko Miyazaki







Couturier ty Director and fashion designer

A member of The Japan Dressmaking Skill association



Tomoko Miyazaki was born in Kumamoto prefecture and grew up in Kutchan town, Abuta county, Hokkaido, Japan.




Creative since her childhood, Tomoko knitted her first hat at the age of 7 and completed a sweater at the age of 12. At 18 years old she moved to Tokyo and by 20 years of age she began to focus on dressmaking. Influenced by her mother who was a lecturer of the well-known Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Tomoko rapidly progressed from being a tailor for family and friends to a professional haute couturier dressmaker.


2003年に本拠地を東京から倶知安へ移行。クチュリエ・ティワイを創立し、代表兼デザイナーを務める。以後、文化服装学院通信教育部学習グループ指導員を務めながら、洋裁の国家技能資格を取得し、厚生労働省主催の技能大会で入賞を果たす。ニセコ地区では旅館・坐忘林のトートバックや、White Birch Caféのエプロン、トートバック等の製作の他、海外から訪れる観光客のオーダー等も請け負い、特に冬季は多忙を極めている。


In 2003, she returned to her hometown Kutchan and established Couturier ty where she is the Director, Designer and Tailor. Following in her mother’s footsteps Tomoko has since become an instructor of the Bunka Fashion College correspondence course. In 2018 she notably was awarded Japan national 1st grade tailor certification and in 2019 received a prize in the 30th Skill Competition for Tailors held by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.



Tomoko has a strong local client base in the Niseko area including the Luxury Zaborin ryokan and the fancy White Birch Café. Zaborin`s original tote bags are popular sale items in the ryokan and small bags or aprons can be seen in the café. Her international client base arrive in Niseko for the ski season making winter her busiest season for orders.




All fabrics she uses for haute couturier orders have been carefully selected when she frequently visits to Tokyo, France, Italy or Austria. Her inherited skills and 30 years of achievement are clearly reflected in her creations. Tomoko continues to pursue innovative tailor technique and design ideas.



2010年  東京新宿文化服装学院通信教育部学習グループ指導員となる

2018年    国家資格婦人子供注文服制作1級技能士検定合格

2019年  厚生労働省主催第30回技能グランプリ(神戸)敢闘賞受賞


2010      Started working at Bunka Fashion College as a correspondence course instructor.

2018     Obtained Japan National 1st Grade Tailor Certification for Ladies and children

Haute Couturier.

2019      Received a prize of The 30th Skill Competition for Tailors held by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.